Integrated Pollination to Manage Pollinator Species (A Handbook for Beekeepers, Growers and Conservationists)

Integrated Pollination to Manage Pollinator Species (A Handbook for Beekeepers, Growers and Conservationists)

Saurav Gupta
2000 2500 (20% off)
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The present handbook for practitioners, beekeepers, growers, and conservationists shows the reader how to strive to maintain important checks and balances, taking into consideration pollinators in croplands, both large and small, and within the world's temperate and tropical realms. While it describes a range of methods and goals. This book deals with many different subjects related to pollination that are seldom put side by side. It considers issues such as the Agents for Pollination: Anemophily, Zoophily and Hydrophily, Pollination Management in Orchards, Anther and Pollen Development Biology, Honeybee Pollination of Fruit Tree Crops, Bee Flora and Pollination of Crops, Insect Pollinators, Role of Insect Pollinators, Pollination of Seed Crops by Insects, Weeds to Pollinators and so on. All these matters are explained at the level of detail that is needed to fully understand the importance of the Integrated Pollination to Manage Pollinator Species. About the Author: Dr. Saurav Gupta, presently working as a Scientist/SMS Entomology at Krishi Vigyan Kendra-Samba of SKUAST-Jammu. He was awarded with Life fellow of “The Entomological Society of India, New Delhi” in 2014 and “Young Scientist Award” in 2019 from “Society for Agriculture Innovation & Development, Ranchi”. He is an Associate Editor and reviewer of several journals like “International Journal of Agriculture Sciences” “Journal of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development” and “Reviewer of Asian Journal of Research in Agricultural and Forestry”. He had reviewed more than 25 Papers. He has handled several externally funded as well as internally funded projects as a P.I and Co-P.I. He was Co-P.I in Niche Area of Excellence Project entitled “Pollination Management Research in apples and Other Fruits in Kashmir Valley”. He had conducted several on-spot interactive programmes on beekeeping and pollination management of apples and different fruit crops. He was also an in-charge of Beekeeping unit at SKUAST-Kashmir and multiplies colonies successfully. He had also studied Foraging behaviour of insect pollinators on Apple flowers and identified native pollinator's habitats and habitat management. He has taught several entomological courses to post-graduate and post-doctorate students. He has also established beekeeping unit successfully at KVK, Kathua and KVK, Samba and worked as in-charge of beekeeping units. He has more than 100 publications to his credit which includes research papers, technical bulletins, extension folders, practical manuals, Books and book chapters published in reputed national/international journals. Dr Saurav Gupta has vast experience and expertise in Apiculture, Economic Entomology, Applied Entomology, Biological Control and Integrated Pest Management. He has delivered several expert lectures on Beekeeping, Integrated Pest Management of Field crops, Vegetable crops, oilseed crops, cereal crops, tropical and temperate fruit crops. He has conducted several farmers training programmes including 5 days vocational training programmeson Beekeeping and also Coordinated (200hrs)/35 Days Skill Development Training on Beekeeping under ASCI at KVK, Kathua.