Biomolecules of Fungi Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical, Industrial and Environmental Protection

  • Title : Biomolecules of Fungi Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical, Industrial and Environmental Protection
  • Author : Praveen Gehlot and Joginder Singh
  • ISBN 13 : 9789394380141
  • Year : 2023
  • Language : English
  • Binding : Hardbound
  • MRP : Rs 3500
  • Selling Price : Rs 2765
  • Discount : 21%
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The present book is a joint effort made by contributors for their understanding of the Fungi. It takes a systems approach and provides a means to share the latest developments and advances in the exploitation of fungal products, including their traditional uses, modern practices, and designing strategies to harness their potential. We have presented the latest information lesson and well-defined topics concisely. We have put in much hard work to make the matter neither too elaborate so that we do not lose the interest of students nor too concise to leave vital topics uncovered. All lessons are written in simple language and are easy to understand, even for beginners. Table of Contents.. Bioactive Potential of Fungi Sana Sheikh, Sareen Sheikh, Renita Dsouza and Shameena Ka Biomolecules from Macrobasidiomycetes Karthikeyan, M, Johnson, I., Ramjegathesh, R., and Anandham, R., Mycotoxins and their Hazardous Effects Ritu Bala, Mukesh Kumar, Rohan Samir Kumar Sachan, Khushboo, Manpreet Kaur and Arun Karnwal Bioactive Cosmeceutical Compounds of Fungi Usha Raja Nanthini A. Biomolecules of Mushroom Khushboo, Inderpal Devgon, Nisha, Rohan Samir Kumar Sachan, Ritu Bala, Mukesh Narwat and Arun Karnwal Antimycobacterial Metabolites from Fungi Anuroopa N and Anshu Beulah Ram Fungi as Sources of Anticancer Compounds Varalakshmi Kilingar Nadumane, Suman Jangir and Somsekhara D. Antifungal Potential of Ophiocordyceps spp. against Pathogens Sangeetha C.., Kavithamary J., Nagalakshmi R. M., Kiran Kumar N. and Krishnamoorthy A. S. Recent Advances in Production of L-Asparaginase of Fungal Origin and its Potential as Anticancer Drug Revanth Babupallam, Navnit Kumar Ramamoorthy, and Sarma V V Fungal a-Amylase: Various Sources, Commercial Significance, Bio-Process Challenges, and Recent Advancements Pertaining to its Production Navnit Kumar Ramamoorthy, Revanth Babu Pallam, Shovan Rakshit, Sahadevan Renganathan and Vemuri Venkateswara Sarma Fungal Laccase as Green Catalyst for Synthesis of Bio-Dyes: An Overview Sonal Makwana K., Venisha Christian V., Soni Rishit A., Rakeshkumar R. Panchal, and Kiran Deshmukh C. Biodegradation of Plastic by Fungi: An Review Christian Venisha V., Soni Rishit A., Makwana Sonal K., Saraf Meenu S. and Thakkar Aarti V. Multiple Roles of Fungal Organic Molecules (Nutraceuticals) in Different Fields Ami Varia, and Rishit Soni Bioconversion and Biotransformation Efficiencies of Wild Macrofungi Parthasarathy Seethapathy, Subbiah Sankaralingam and Harinathan Balasundaram Synthesis of Bionanoparticle by Endophytic Fungi and Application as Pesticide Priyanshu Sao, Poonam Verma and N Kumar Swamy Bioengineering of Enzyme Production and its Industrial Application Srichandrasekar Thuthikkadu Indhuprakasha, Laksha Gayathri Sureshb, Diraviyam Thirumalaia Fungal Derived Biosurfactants and their Environmental Implications Krishna Gautama, Shreya Dwivedib, Pallavi guptac, and Vivek Kumar Gaura Fungal Nanoparticles in Environmental Protection O. Greeshma and N. Vasudevan