Horticultural Crop Improvement A Biotechnological Perspective

  • Title : Horticultural Crop Improvement A Biotechnological Perspective
  • Author : Manzoor I, Jan U, Wani T, Neha S, Wani S, Kashani S Z, Madiha, Arzoo, and Wani S H
  • ISBN 13 : 9789394380592
  • Year : 2022
  • Language : English
  • Binding : Hardbound
  • MRP : Rs 2250
  • Selling Price : Rs 1778
  • Discount : 21%
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This book has been prepared to provide comprehensive knowledge about recent advances in biotechnology, markers, polyploidy, genetic engineering, tissue culture, haploid breeding and bio-stimulants like polyamines regarding their role in crop improvement. All these mediators of crop improvement and their various affecting factors have been thoroughly discussed in this book. This book provides a thorough understanding of these chapters and their role in the improving of various crops this book has been divided into seven thoroughly dealt chapters that provide all the novel information required. We solemnly believe that it will provide all the necessary and important information to students, research scholars, research institutes and establishments involved with R&D of agricultural crops. Table of Contents.. Biotechnology for Vegetable Crop Improvement Markers Polyamines: A Novel Group of Biostimulants for Augmenting Vegetable Production Polyploidy and Its Role in Plant Breeding Genetic Engineering and Sustainable Plant Disease Management Commercial Tissue Culture in Horticulture Role of Double Haploids: A Recent Bio-Technological Tool for Vegetable Crop Improvement Biotechnology in Horticulture