Perspective in Indian Apiculture

  • Title : Perspective in Indian Apiculture
  • Author : R C Mishra
  • ISBN 13 : 9788177541311
  • Year : 2022
  • Language : English
  • Binding : Hardbound
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  • Selling Price : Rs 2765
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Obtaining honey from bees had been a traditions in India, though beekeeping proper, i.e. management of honeybees for honey production started only during the later half of nineteenth century and more so during twentieth century. Inspite of the fact that bees and honey are known since ages, there was no literature available on Indian apiculture till recently. Even now the documentation of knowledge relevant to our beekeeping is not complete. The basic facts about bees and beekeeping remain the same world over and sufficient literature is available on these fundamentals. However, basics on practical aspects of apiculture are more or less specific to different regions/countries. Therefore, the book, Perspectives in Indian Apiculture was planned with sixteen chapters on the practicality of beekeeping and the scope of each chapter was specified by the editor. Authors of the chapters of the book have profound knowledge of different aspects of biology and management of both the hive species of genus Apis and especially in the field of contribution of the chapter. So their inputs are valuable as to the potential for the development of apiculture in India. Importance has been given to both Apis cerana and A. mellifera while planning the chapters since it is accepted fact that our apiculture has to flourish with the two hive species and any one of them cannot be ignored. The book is principally aimed at the practicality of bee biology and beekeeping with the two hive species. Table of Contents.. Constraints and Thrust Areas for the Development of Apiculture in India J. K. Gupta and G. S. Dogra Beekeeping in the Changing Agricultural Scenario for Rural Uplift G. S. Gatoria, Yogeshwar Singh, and H. S. Jhajj Bee Flora and Beekeeping Maps of India R. C. Mishra and Rajesh Kumar Apis cerana F. for Indian Apiculture and its Management Technology M. C. Suryanarayana and K. Subha Rao Apis Mellifera L. for Indian Apiculture R. C. Mishra and Yogesh Kumar Technology for Management of Apis mellifera in India R. C. Mishra and S. K. Sharma Beekeeping Technology - Production, Characteristics and Uses of Honey and Other Products D. M. Wakhle Use of Honeybees for Increasing Agricultural Yields Jitender Kumar, R. C. Mishra and S. S. Thakur Pollination for Hybrid Seed Production and in Green Houses/Cages R. C. Mishra, Jitender Kumar and S.S. Thakur Pollination Ecology and Pollination Systems in Economic Tree Species C. Subba Reddi, Raju J. S. Aluri and Janaki B. Atluri Wild Apis and Non-Apis Bees; their Behaviour, Management and Utilization for Crop Pollination R. C. Sihag Mites and Other Enemies of Honeybees in India Rajesh Garg and N. P. Kashyap Diseases of Honeybees in India Vis-a-Viz World Overview D. P. Abrol Pesticide Bee Poisoning in Changing Scenario of Indian Agriculture S. F. Hameed and S. P. Singh Status of Honeybee Repellents: Research and Application V. K. Kasana, M. S. Malik and O. P. Malik Beekeeping Equipments in India Via-a-Vis World Scenario Retrospect and Prospects D. P. Abrol and R. C. Mishra