Sustainable Production of Pulses in Diverse Agro Ecosystem (2 Volumes)

  • Title : Sustainable Production of Pulses in Diverse Agro Ecosystem (2 Volumes)
  • Author : Narendra Kumar
  • ISBN 13 : 9789390749775
  • Year : 2023
  • Language : English
  • Binding : Hardbound
  • MRP : Rs 6950
  • Selling Price : Rs 5491
  • Discount : 21%
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The present book is outcome of valuable contributions made by various scientists and researchers working on pulse crops in diverse agro-ecosystems of the country. This book has comprehensive coverage of advanced production technologies in the form of 17 chapters that provided the technological back-up to make the country self-sufficient in pulses production. This book would serve as an information source for all R&D personal involved in the promotion of pulses in the country. The editor is sincerely thankful to all the contributors for their valuable chapters of this book, thereby sharing their experiences with the readers. Contents: 1. Pulses production in India: An overview 2. Alternative cropping systems of rice-wheat involving faboid legume crops for crop diversification and sustainability 3. Intercropping of pulses in sugarcane for crop diversification and livelihood security 4. Potential of pigeonpea intercropping systems in NEH region 5. Sustainable intensification of cereal based cropping systems with summer mungbean in Indo-Gangetic Plains 6. Tillage management in pulse crops under diverse agricultural production systems 7. Management strategies for enhancing phosphorus use efficiency in pulse crops 8. Response of pulse crops to zinc application 9. Management strategies for micronutrients deficiency in pulses 10. Nutrient and weed management in summer pulses in IGP 11. Precision water management for higher crop and water productivity in pulse crops 12. Biofertilizers for sustainable pulse production in India 13. Weed management in pulse-based conservation agriculture system 14. Retrospect and prospects of grass pea cultivation in Central India 15. Technological interventions for enhancing pulses production under rice fallows in India 16. Role of pulse crop green manuring on soil health and agricultural sustainability 17. Mechanization in pulses production systems in India: Status and way forward Volume II Contents 1. Pulses for food and nutritional security 2. Climate change effects on grain legume production and its mitigation 3. Agronomic interventions for drought stress mitigation in pulses 4. Production management technologies of pulse crops in acidic soils of NE region of India 5. Prospects of grass pea in rice fallows of Eastern India 6. Rainfed greengram production techniques in Tamil Nadu under climate change 7. Indeterminate pigeonpea: an ideal leguminous crop for rainfed cropping systems 8. PGPR for abiotic stress management in pulses 9. Mechanism of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria in grain legumes for biotic and abiotic stress management 10. Role of hydrogel in pulses production under rainfed rice fallow 11. Deploying contingency measures in drought situation for sustaining of pulses productivity in Central India 12. Foliar nutrition of pulses under rainfed condition 13. Emerging technologies for sustainable pulses production in Madhya Pradesh 14. Current pulses production trends, major constrains and management strategies for extension of pulses cropping area in North-Western Himalayas 15. Mitigation strategies for abiotic stresses in arid pulses 16. New niches for horizontal and vertical expansion of area under pulses 17. Indigenous technical knowledge for enhancing pulses production and livelihood security 18. Post-harvest technology and value addition in pulses