Design Thinking Techniques and Approaches

Design Thinking Techniques and Approaches

N Siva Prasad
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Design Thinking is a cognitive strategy, and practical process for developing design concepts for new products viz., machines, processes, software, and services. Design Thinking is based on generating a holistic understanding of the product and finding a solution suitable to the condition and environment. The principles and rules of design thinking contribute to providing guidelines in the application of the process such as creating a consultative approach to decision making and an experimental approach to the innovative process. The book is focused on these principles. The book presents design problems for practices that help students to practice theory-based studies. Contents 1. Introduction to Product Design 2. Design Thinking 3. Idea Generation (Ideation) 4. Design Thinking in Information Technology 5. Design Thinking For Service Design About the Author Prof. N Siva Prasad has graduated from the University of Mysore, M. Tech, and Ph.D. from IIT Madras. He joined as a faculty member in the Department of Mechanical Engineering in 1977 and superannuated as a professor in 2014. His area of specialization is Machine Design, Computer-Aided Design, and Product Design. He has adapted textbooks on Machine Design, Mechanics of Materials, and Engineering Mechanics (Statics and Dynamics). His areas of interest are Product Design, Machine Design, CAD FEM, and Computer Graphics.