Fundamentals of Renewable Energy

Fundamentals of Renewable Energy

Shaji James P and Dipak Suresh Khatawkar
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Renewable Energy is a topic of current academic interest not only for engineers, but for many others in various disciplines of science, agriculture and management. 'Fundamentals of Renewable Energy', is a comprehensive book dealing with all basic aspects of renewable energy in a simple language so as to make the topic conceivable and palatable to non-professionals. The book deals with the basic principles starting with the energy driven development of human societies and man's relationships with the environment. All areas of current importance viz. solar energy, wind energy, bioenergy, hydel power, energy from wastes, green hydrogen, energy from ocean, geothermal energy, energy management are explained in 26 chapters. Newer topics like 'anaerobic bioreactors' and 'energy production from microalgae' are also briefly introduced. The book is intended for students, teachers and to anybody who wish to understand the subject from its fundamental concepts. Table of Contents 1. Energy, Development and Environment 2. The Sun and Solar Radiation 3. Solar Thermal Energy Utilization 4. Solar Photovoltaic Energy Conversion 5. Fundamentals of Wind Energy 6. Wind Turbines 7. Wind Resource Analysis 8. Energy from Biomass–Bioenergy 9. Anaerobic Bioconversion of Biomass for Energy 10. High-Rate Anaerobic Bioreactors for Energy Production 11. Fuel Alcohol 12. Biological Hydrogen Production 13. Fuel Cells 14. Biomass Combustion 15. Densification of Biomass for Energy Conversion 16. Thermo-Chemical Gasification and Pyrolysis of Biomass 17. Biodiesel 18. Energy from Microalgae 19. Hydropower 20. Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion 21. Wave Energy 22. Tidal Energy 23. Geothermal Energy 24. Clean Development Mechanism and Renewable Energy 25. Energy Management and Conservation 26. Energy Conversion of Municipal Solid Waste