French Bean Diseases Diagnosis, Epidemiology and Management

French Bean Diseases Diagnosis, Epidemiology and Management

Satish Kumar Gupta and Monica Sharma
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This book is useful for both under and post-graduate students, teachers, researchers, and extension workers engaged in Agriculture and Horticulture as well as elite growers. The book takes stock of the present status of research on the diseases of French bean caused by fungal, bacterial, virus, and nematodes, their diagnosis, epidemiology, and management through host resistance, cultural practices, biological control, chemical control alone, and their integration so that the losses caused by these diseases remain below economic threshold level. In all, 24 chapters on different diseases of this crop are included which gives comprehensive overview of economic importance, symptomatology, etiology, epidemiology and management of these crop diseases. Besides, the book also includes chapter on Scope and Cultivation of French bean which gives comprehensive details of cultivation practices of this crop. All chapters have been updated in the light of available literature. Symptoms, disease cycles of important diseases and different structures of various pathogen(s) have been given in the book which will help in better diagnosis and understanding of survival and spread of the pathogen(s) that will help in the management of diseases effectively. Colored photographs of disease symptoms have been included in each chapter which will help in the easy diagnosis of French bean diseases.