Climate Change and Sustainable Development

  • Title : Climate Change and Sustainable Development
  • Author : Om Prakash, Gaurav Kumar Jain, Govind Singh and Lalit Singh Jhala
  • ISBN 13 : 9789390749294
  • Year : 2023
  • Language : English
  • Binding : Hardbound
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Climate change has become an agenda of key concern and requires our utmost attention. There are several factors that collectively attribute to climate change but anthropogenic activities since the early 1700s, could be considered the major cause. Climate change causes hindrances in the sustainable development of society which not only affects mankind but all the species existing in an ecosystem. This book highlights the connection between climate change and sustainable development, exploring the impacts of climate change on the environment, economy, and society. It is a result of contributions from multiple authors, aimed at raising awareness and encouraging further research on the topic. Table of Contents Introduction (v) Preface (vii) Foreword (ix) 1. Bryophytes: Pollution Indicators and Biomonitoring Agents 1–6 G. S. Deora, Monika K. Shekhawat And Saraswati 2. Monograph of Commiphora Wightii: 7–20 A Critically Endangered Medicinal Plant Kunal Seth, Vishambhar Sangela, Sandhya Deora, Priyanka Faroda, Sunita Choudhary, Nikita Gautam, Amit Kumar Gupta, Harish 3. Changes in Irrigated Land Utilization: A Spatio-Temporal Analysis 21–30 of Kopai River Basin, Eastern India Tanmoy Das 4. Teredolites: The Wood-Boring Tracefossils From Fatehgarh Formation 31–42 of The Barmer Basin, Western Rajasthan, India V. S. Parihar, Pawan Kumar, Anshul Harsh, C. P. Khichi And S. L. Nama 5. Climate Change Policy of India 43–54 Chandraveer Singh Bhati 6. Impact of Solid Waste on Global Climate Change 55–70 Kundan Kunwar Chouhan 7. Sustainable Development and Enviromental Issues: 71–82 Save The Enviroment Save The Life Dalpat Singh 8. Understanding Impact of Shifting Wild Fire Regime on 83–94 Environment and Climate Anuya Verma, Rohini Trivedi And Sanjay Meghwal 9. Climate Change: An Overview of The Global Scenario 95–104 Bhavya Singh, Chirmaie Nagda, Kapil Kumar, Monika Rathore, Girima Nagda, Lalit Singh Jhala And Devendra Singh Rathore 10. Agricultural Pollution 105–114 Sanjay Parihar 11. Geopolitics of Indian Ocean 115–120 Jyotiraditya Singh Bhati (xii) Climate Change and Sustainable Development 12. Scenario of Mining Industry in Western Rajasthan: 121–128 An Environmental Issue Indu Deval, O.P. Dewasi 13. Sustainable Growth of Agriculture in Rajasthan 129–138 Pramila Jangid, Jai Singh 14. Urbanisation Changing Morphology of Alwar City of Rajasthan 139–146 Yudhister Sharma, Aakanksha Bali 15. The Evolving Pattern of Agriculture in Changing Climatic 147–156 Conditions (In Two Decades): A Review in The Context of Pali District Sukhdev Meghwal, Lalit Singh Jhala 16. The Jawai Dam: Lifeline of Marwar 157–160 Ummed Kumar Choudhary 17. Impact of Climate Change on Medicinal Plants: 161–172 A Case Study of Karnataka State Pragnya. S. Hangaragi 18. Impact of Biodiversity on Food Security: A Geographical Study of India 173–176 Yudhister Sharma, Aakanksha Bali 19. Climate Change, Human Health and Sustainable Development: 177–192 The Interlinked Trinity Girima Nagda, Chirmaie Nagda, Devendra Singh Rathore and Bhavya Singh 20. Energy Generation from Biomass in Rajasthan: 193–205 An Overview of Potential, Policies and Challenges