Tropical Agronomy Principles, Heritage, and Gender Perspectives

Tropical Agronomy Principles, Heritage, and Gender Perspectives

C George Thomas
1596 1995 (20% off)
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The primary responsibilities of agronomists are to develop innovative farm practices and technologies to improve crop yields, boost profitability, maintain sustainability, and protect the environment. The present book is designed for the benefit of both students and practitioners considering these tasks. The subject matter is presented in a contemporary style concentrating on the emerging and challenging areas of agronomy, especially those relevant to the tropics. Contents 1. Introduction to agriculture and agronomy; 2. Naming and classification of crops; 3. Tillage and tillage implements; 4. Seeds and planting; 5. Plant growth and growth analysis; 6. Photosynthesis and crop productivity; 7. Crop ecology; 8. Soil reaction and liming; 9. Soil fertility and plant nutrients; 10. Organic manures and biofertilizers; 11. Fertilizer management in crops; 12. Farming systems in the tropics; 13. Soil Erosion and the Environment; 14. Soil and water conservation: Agronomic measures; 15. Soil and water conservation: Mechanical measures; 16. Wind erosion and management; 17. Land capability classification for the tropics; 18. Origin of agriculture and agricultural systems; 19. Agricultural heritage of India; 20. Agricultural education and research systems; 21. Access to food: Green revolution and after ; 22. Gender perspectives in agriculture. About the Author Dr. C. George Thomas had been with the Kerala Agricultural University for a long time in various capacities and retired from regular service as Professor & Head, Department of Agronomy. He also held the post of Dean, College of Agriculture, Thrissur, and acted on various academic bodies including the Board of studies and Academic Council of Kerala Agricultural University and Cochin University of Science and Technology. For a brief period, Dr. Thomas was with the Integrated Rural Technology Centre, Palakkad as the Director of Research. He obtained MSc (Ag) in agronomy from the Kerala Agricultural University and PhD from the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi. Presently, Dr. C. George Thomas is the Chairman of the Kerala State Biodiversity Board, and actively leading several programmes on biodiversity and agrobiodiversity of Kerala. Dr. Thomas is an eminent science writer and a recipient of Karshaka Bharathi (best farm journalist) award of the Government of Kerala. Dr. Thomas has published 20 books and over 400 other publications including research papers, chapters, and popular articles with national and international publishers.