Control of Nonlinear Systems with Input Multiplicities

  • Title : Control of Nonlinear Systems with Input Multiplicities
  • Author : G Prabhaker Reddy and M Chidambaram
  • ISBN 13 : 9788119160693
  • Year : 2023
  • Language : English
  • Binding : Hardbound
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The occurrence of nonlinear systems, particularly chemical and biochemical reactors, exhibiting input multiplicities are reviewed. The associated control problems due to changes in magnitude and its direction of a disturbance variable (increasing and decreasing) are brought out. The methods in designing non-linear controllers for such systems to overcome the problems are proposed and evaluated by simulation. Experimental applications to bioreactors are given. The reviewed methods and the proposed methods in the book can also be easily implemented in the process industries. It offers a professional and modern view on automating the controller tuning efficiently. It is a first comprehensive text on control of systems with input multiplicities. This is a text book suited for an elective course for M.Tech students in Chemical Engineering specializing in Process control, Control Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering and Electrical Engineering. This book will be useful for researcher in Control Engineering. Contents : 1. Occurrence of Input Multiplicity and its Control Problems 2. Basic Review of Systems and Control 3. Hammerstein Model Based Control of Reactors 4. Hammerstein Model Based Control of Bioreactors 5. Near-Optimal Productivity Control of a Bioreactor 6. Nonlinear Control of Bioreactor with Input Multiplicities – Experimental Work 7. Nonlinear Control of Nonlinear Non-Minimum Phase Systems with Input Multiplicities 8. Model Reference Control of a CSTR 9. Model Reference Nonlinear Control of a Bioreactor 10. Fuzzy Logic Control of Systems with Input Multiplicities 11. Artificial Neural Networks Based Control of Systems with Input Multiplicities 12. Nonlinear Control of Systems with Input and Output Multiplicities 13. Control of Wiener type Nonlinear Systems with Input Multiplicities 14. Feed Forward Control of Nonlinear Systems with Input Multiplicities Appendices, References, Notations, INDEX About the Authors Dr.G. Prabhaker Reddy is a Senior Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India. He has 25 years of teaching and research experiences. He has 25 research publications in International and national journals. He has guided /co-guided 4 Ph.D. Dr.M.Chidambaram was a faculty at the department of Chemical Engineering, IIT-Bombay and IIT-Madras. He has served as the director, NIT Tiruchirappalli during 2005-2010. He has authored/ coauthored 10 books. He has published 190 research papers in international and national journals.