Managing Postharvest Quality and Losses in Horticultural Crops

Managing Postharvest Quality and Losses in Horticultural Crops

K L Chadha and R K Pal
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This book is a consolidation of the scattered information available in the form of research or review papers which has been suitably compiled and edited in a lucid and easily understandable format with adoptable recommendation for the benefit of all the stakeholders. The book is divided into three sections viz. 1) General Issues, 2) Fruit Crops and 3) Vegetables, Flowers, Plantation Crops and seed spices. Eminent research workers who have been engaged in the area of Postharvest Management in the National Agricultural Research Systems have contributed chapters on various subjects. Efforts have been made to incorporate information on status of cultivation, cultivars, association between pre-harvest crop management practices and quality after harvest, pack-house operations, storage and marketing for domestic and export trade. The book is also suitably illustrated with colour photographs, wherever necessary. Important references to each subject have been cited for detailed reading. It is hoped that this publication will be of immense value to all the stakeholders viz., horticultural entrepreneurs, retailers, wholesalers and exporters engaged in the supply chain of perishable horticultural produce, research scholars engaged in development of postharvest management technology and others in view of the objectives for which it has been written, i.e., reducing postharvest losses and delivering quality produce both in domestic and international market.