Wetland Angiosperms of Assam (India) Aquatic and Marshy Land

Wetland Angiosperms of Assam (India) Aquatic and Marshy Land

Pramod Medhi and S. K. Borthakur
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CONTENTS: Introduction, What is a Wetland?, Definition, Geology of wetlands, Types of wetlands Importance of wetland, Functions, Benefits/Values, Attributes, Ecosystem services, Threats of wetlands, Adverse affects on Wetlands, What can we do?, Wetlands on Earth: The worldview/ The global perspective, Ramsar Convention, Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), Common Concerns of Ramsar, CBD and other Conventions, Wetlands in India: An Overview, Wetland Acts and Legislations, institutional mechanisms in India, Ramsar Sites in India, Wetlands in Assam: An Overview, The Land and the People, Topography, Major wetland types of Assam, Dominant and major hydrophytes in wetlands of Assam, Wetlands in Assam, District-wise wetland area estimates in Assam, Aquatic Angiosperms, What are Aquatic Angiospemic plants?, Types of aquatic plants, Ecological classification of aquatic and marshy plants, Life Forms and Growth Forms, Importance of Aquatic Angiosperms, Aquatic Angiospemic plants of Assam, Botanical history of Assam and review of literature, 1. DICOTYLEDONS, 1.1. Polypetalae, 1.1.1 Thalamiflorae, 1.1.2 Disciflorae, 1.1.3 Calyciflorae, 1.2. Gamopetalae, 1.2.1 Inferae, 1.2.2 Heteromerae, 1.2.3 Bicarpellatae, 1.3. Monochlamydeae, 2. MONOCOTYLEDONS, Photo Plates, Subject Index, Bibliography