Liverwort and Hornwort Flora of Sikkim Vol. I (Haplomitriaceae-Ptilidiaceae) Vol. II (Pseudolepicoleaceae-Dendrocerotaceae) (2 Volumes)

Liverwort and Hornwort Flora of Sikkim Vol. I (Haplomitriaceae-Ptilidiaceae) Vol. II (Pseudolepicoleaceae-Dendrocerotaceae) (2 Volumes)

Devendra Singh and D K Singh
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Volume One ISBN 9788195635481 (Haplomitriaceae-Ptilidiaceae) Volume Two ISBN 9788195635467 (Pseudolepicoleaceae-Dendrocerotaceae) In the book 612pp with 3 maps, 352 camera lucida illustrations, 74 figures showing ultra structure of leaf surface, spores, waters, etc. under SEM, 16 colour figures showing oil-bodies, and 60 figures of field photographs. The book Liverwort and Hornwort Flora of Sikkim, presented in two volumes, provides a comprehensive taxonomic account of 378 species and infraspecific taxa of liverworts and hornworts in 96 genera and 51 families which is nearly 41 per cent of the Indian liverworts and hornworts - the highest amongst the states, in just 0.22 per cent of the total geographical area of the country. The study is supported by immaculately illustrated 352 camera lucida illustrations, and 150 coloured and black and white photographs showing ultrastructure of leaf surface, spores and elaters under SEM, the oil-bodies, and field photographs of the taxa. During the course of present study one genus, seven species and one variety were discovered as new to science, one genus and 36 species as new distributional records for the country. Identification keys at different taxonomic hierarchy have been provided and each species, or the infraspecific taxon, is immaculately illustrated with the help of camera-lucida drawings and photomicrographs. 1222pp,.