Sustainable Rainfied Agriculture and Watershed Management

Sustainable Rainfied Agriculture and Watershed Management

S Jeyaraman
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CONTENTS: Preface. Chapter 1: Dry farming and Rainfed agriculture: an introduction Chapter 2: Dryland types and their climatic classification. Chapter 3: Climate in rainfed agriculture Chapter 4: Soils in dryland agriculture. Chapter 5: Land and crop management practices in rainfed agriculture Chapter 6: Drought types and their management. Chapter 7: Climatic analysis for crop planning. Chapter 8: Plant ideotypes, choice of crops and varieties, crop substitution and cropping systems in drylands. Chapter 9: Contingent crop planning and midterm correction for aberrant weather conditions. Chapter 10: Weed management practices in drylands. Chapter 11: Soil fertility management in drylands Chapter 12: Soil and Water Conservation Measures. Chapter 13: Water management in rainfed agriculture. Chapter 14: Crop protection in dryland crops. Chapter 15: Mechanization of Rainfed Agriculture. Chapter 16: Crop yield and productivity. Chapter 17: Conservation Agriculture. Chapter 18: Integrated farming systems for dryland areas. Chapter 19: Agroforestry. Chapter 20: Alternate land use based farming systems in rainfed agriculture. Chapter 21: Wasteland Development: Definition, Extent and Classification. Chapter 22: Watershed management . Chapter 23: Rain water harvesting on watershed basis . Chapter 24: Sustainable Rainfed Agriculture and Watershed Management. References.