Volutionism: Artwork and Designs

Volutionism: Artwork and Designs

Anisha Burman and Leslie K. Mwambazi
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Volutionism, the lost language of the inner self, transports you to the strange and yet surprisingly familiar world of geometry, colour and symmetry. Volutionists espouse that all processes contain cyclic patterns that are subject to variation and change. Evolution and devolution, creation and destruction and formation and deformation, all mark the course of material substance through time and space. The result is an ever evolving universe, full of wondrous shape and colour. True to their philosophy, the authors began their work for an exhibition with black and white, which they refer to as Dualism. The introduction of the red was the first deviation from the monochromatic, resulting in the works of Trialism. With the introduction of multiple hues and shades to their paintings, the full essence of Volutionism could now be traced from Dualism, through Trialism to the new frontier of Pluralism, completing this cycle of their work. Compiled to coincide with the first exhibition of this segment of their creation, which is inspired by the concentric shapes of the natural and man-made worlds, the artists have intended this book to intrigue as well as challenge in equal measure.