Fundamentals of Public Speaking
Edited by Prof (Dr) Shefali Ra…
Rs 668
Rs 795
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Fundamentals of Reporting and Editing
Dr. Ambrish Saxena
Rs 600
Rs 750
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Gandhian Thought and Communication: Rethinking the…
Edited by Biswajit Das
Rs 898
Rs 1095
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Gee Ye Media hai! (Hindi)
Dr Chandrabhanu Sharma
Rs 336
Rs 395
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Gender Discourse and Youth in Media (Hardback)
Edited by Dr Susmita Bala
Rs 975
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Gendered Spaces and Places in Magazine Advertiseme…
Krishna Das
Rs 1060
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Giddh - Media ka Black Chapter (Hindi)
Dr Braj Mohan
Rs 284
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Global Media: Culture and Identity
Dr Arimardan Singh
Rs 553
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Global, American and Asian Codes of Journalism Eth…
Prof Pushpendra P Singh, Dr Sa…
Rs 1580
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Good News India: Ordinary Indians, Extraordinary T…
D V Sridharan
Rs 429
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Government Media: Autonomy and After (Hardback)
Edited by G S Bhargava
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Grameen Bharat me Television Vigyapan (Hindi)
Chandan Singh
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