An Abridgement of Extension Education
Jakkawad, K L Dangi and Jat
Rs 707
Rs 895
21% off
Antimicrobial Finishes on Genetically Modified Cot…
Rajkumari Dhanalaxmi Devi and …
Rs 872
Rs 1090
20% off
Attaining Food and Nutrition Security in the Devel…
Prem Nath
Rs 3400
Rs 4000
15% off
Attitude Of Farmers Towards The Information Extens…
Leela Dhar Mangi
Rs 510
Rs 600
15% off
Aushdhiye Guno Se Bharpoor Bhavi Sabjiyan (Hindi)
Bijendra Singh and Surya Nath …
Rs 2336
Rs 2995
22% off
Autumn Showers: Agriculture Challenges
Lata Vishwanath
Rs 295
Rs 295
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Baans Ke Vividh Roop Evam Unka Upyog (Hindi)
B. P. Bhatt and Bikas Das
Rs 1240
Rs 1550
20% off
Bagvani ke Pramukh Falo ki Unnat Kheti Avam Podhsa…
V.M. Prasad, Balaji Vikram and…
Rs 1200
Rs 1500
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Bamboos of North-East India
T P Sharma and S K Borthakur
Rs 1271
Rs 1495
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Bananas And Plantains: Postharvest Management,Stor…
Rs 842
Rs 990
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Basic Research for Crop Disease Management
P. Vidhyasekaran
Rs 1596
Rs 1995
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Basics of Research Methodology
Ekwal Imam
Rs 676
Rs 795
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