Concise Agricultural Extension
Sakshi Shastri, Dinesh Kumar S…
Rs 2570
Rs 3295
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Connectivity @ Grassroots: New Vistas of Outreach
A K Singh, R K Sohane, Ram Dat…
Rs 765
Rs 900
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Conservation Agriculture Technology (Confederation…
Edited by Dr Vijoy K Sinha, Dr…
Rs 948
Rs 1200
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Consumer Oriented Agricultural Marketing
Ruchira Shukla
Rs 628
Rs 795
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Consumer Perception & Buying Behaviour Handbook of…
Tavleen Kaur, Payal Sharma, Jy…
Rs 1038
Rs 1250
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Contemporary Approach in Bibliometric Studies
N.O. Natarajan
Rs 1296
Rs 1600
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Contemporary Issues in Agriculture, Environment an…
Edited by Anamika Moktan
Rs 716
Rs 795
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Contract Farming and Land Tenancy in Indian Agricu…
Parmod Kumar, A V Manjunatha a…
Rs 1144
Rs 1395
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Critical Perspectives on Agrarian Transition; Indi…
Edited by B.B. Mohanty
Rs 743
Rs 895
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Crop Growth Simulation Modelling and Climate Chang…
Mohanty, M. ; Sinha, Nishant K…
Rs 2600
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Crop Improvement in Vegetables
Navnath G. Kashid
Rs 716
Rs 895
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Crop Insurance for Managing Agricultural Risk in I…
Sasmita Patnaik and Mamata Swa…
Rs 760
Rs 950
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