Essays on Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition
R Radhakrishna
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Rs 1595
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Evaluation of Watershed Manaement Programme
Dr Nitin Prakashrao Patil
Rs 510
Rs 600
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Excellence: How to Attain It? Self Help Book base …
Dr P K Chhonkar
Rs 199
Rs 199
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Extension Education Management In Veterinary Scien…
Ruchi Singh and M K Mandal
Rs 638
Rs 750
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Extension Education: Core Contents and Emerging Ar…
Debabrata Das Gupta
Rs 1925
Rs 2500
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Extension Management Strategies for Sustainable Ag…
Edited by J Vasantha Kumar, T …
Rs 2106
Rs 2700
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Extension Methodologies for Agricultural Developme…
Nikulsinh M. Chauhan
Rs 2730
Rs 3500
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Family Farming: Challenges and Opportunities
Bitan Mondal, Debasjos Sarkar,…
Rs 2306
Rs 2995
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Farm Fresh Retailing: Case of Customer Satisfactio…
Tanveera Hassan Lone, Jyoti Ka…
Rs 988
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Farm Implements and Machinery
J. R. Bond
Rs 1634
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Farm Income in India: Myths and Realities (Hardbac…
A Narayanamoorthy
Rs 1441
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Farm Machinery and Farm Motors
J. Brownlee Davidson and Leon …
Rs 2734
Rs 3695
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