Agri-Business Scenario in Jammu & Kashmir: Case of…
Shaiq Jeelani, Ashish Kumar Is…
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Agri-Entrepreneurship: Challenges and Opportunitie…
Sevak A Dhenge, Shubhangi N Gh…
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Agribusiness Management and Entrepreneurship Devel…
M V Srinivasa Reddy, R Golya N…
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Agribusiness Management: The Fundamentals of Decis…
Supriya, Pradeep Mishra, N R M…
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Agribusiness Management: Theory and Pratices
Shoji Lal Bairwa, Chandra Sen,…
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Agricultural Chemistry
W. L. Gusau
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Agricultural Commodity Futures and Market Efficien…
Dr P N Harikumar and Dr Manoj …
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Agricultural Credit Cooperatives in India
Vasant Jugale and Yojana Jugal…
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Agricultural Crisis and Farmers-friendly Reforms i…
G Satyanarayana, H S Madhusuda…
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Agricultural Development in Tribal Areas Hardback
Gugulothu Kavitha
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Agricultural Development of Hyderabad State (Medak…
Prof (Retd) V Ramakrishna Redd…
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