Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Manag…
P K Mishra and J K Verma
Rs 865
Rs 1095
21% off
Sustainable Agriculture And Organic Farming
Ram narayan Meena
Rs 3002
Rs 3950
24% off
Sustainable Agriculture for Food Security: Concept…
Birendra Kumar and Rajbir Sing…
Rs 1520
Rs 1900
20% off
Sustainable Land Management: Issues Problems & Pro…
Prasanta Kumar Mishra, Nairend…
Rs 3042
Rs 3950
23% off
Sustainable Livelihood: Options for Rural Communit…
M L Sharma, A K Gupta and M A …
Rs 1572
Rs 1990
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Sustainable Organic Synthesis: Progress and Impact
Prince Firdoos Iqbal
Rs 512
Rs 595
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Swaminathan Commission: A Foundation of Farmer Pol…
Shashank Dattatray Kulkarni
Rs 920
Rs 1095
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Tactics of Being an Agripreuner: Learning the Rope
Edited by G S Sreedaya, A.Anil…
Rs 3042
Rs 3950
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Taxonomy of Vascular Plants
George H.M Lawrence
Rs 1541
Rs 1950
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Testing and Evaluation of Agricultural Machinery a…
D W Smith, B G Sims and D H O'…
Rs 1960
Rs 2450
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Testing of Agriculture Technological Processes: A …
S V Kardashevskii, L V Pogorel…
Rs 1985
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Textbook of Agricultural Economics (Hardback)
Rs 1968
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