Textbook of Agricultural Economics (Hardback)
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Textbook Of Agricultural Heritage (PB)
M M Adhikary
Rs 191
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Textbook of Agricultural Statistics
H K Jain, Kiran Gaur and M K S…
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Textbook of Food Engineering
Dr B Sreenivasula Reddy
Rs 419
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Textbook of Intellectual Property in Agriculture
Kalyan Sarma and Dibyajyoti Ta…
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Textbook of Soil Chemistry
Saroj Kumar Sanyal
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Textbook of Vegetable Crops
Prem Nath and K R M Swamy
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Textbook of Vegetable Production
C S Maiti, Raj Narayan and S P…
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Textbook of Vegetable Production (Second Edition) …
S P Kanaujia et al
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The Chemistry of Plant Life
R W Thatcher
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The Kisan Long March in Maharashtra
Ashok Dhawale
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The Natural Way of Farming: The Theory and Practic…
Masanobu Fukuoka Translated by…
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