Water Foot Prints on Agriculture
R K Naresh, Arvind Kumar, R K …
Rs 1535
Rs 1895
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Water Resource Management for Sustainable Agroecos…
Pandurang Y Patil
Rs 520
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Weeping Farm
Thukral and Tagra
Rs 3399
Rs 3999
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Whither Sustainable Development: Studies in Planni…
Edited by V.S. Negi, B.W. Pand…
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Women and Agriculture (Confederation of Indian Uni…
Edited by Dr Vijoy K Sinha, Dr…
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Women in Agriculture (Hardback)
Neerja Patel and Moni Singh
Rs 895
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Women Participation in Agriculture: A Case Study o…
Kavita Baliyan Foreword by Pro…
Rs 948
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Workshop Technology & Practices
Dinesh J P Dubey, Nilmani Sahu…
Rs 2603
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WTO and Agricultural Subsidy Policies: Impact on S…
Rajeev Singh
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