Bride Trafficking in India: Hidden in Plain Sight
Dr Niteesh Kumar Upadhyay
Rs 668
Rs 795
16% off
Powerful: The Indian Woman's Guide to Unlocking He…
Nirupama Subramanian
Rs 260
Rs 299
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Gender Justice (Laingik Nyaya)
Edited by Dr Ramesh Kumar
Rs 826
Rs 995
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Health Empowerment of Women a Desirable Strategy i…
Dr Amarjeet Singh, DR Vanita S…
Rs 1975
Rs 2500
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Empowerment of Tribal Women in South India: Gender…
Edited by Sukumaran M and Anji…
Rs 747
Rs 900
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Women and Development: Approaches and Perspectives
Edited by Dr Sudeshna Saha
Rs 706
Rs 840
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Feminine Jurisprudence and Gender Bias Laws in Ind…
Edited by Prof (Dr) Ajay Kumar…
Rs 836
Rs 995
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Fertility, Mortality and Demographic Change in Ass…
Dr Nitumoni Saikia
Rs 498
Rs 600
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Great Women Scientists of the World  (3 Vols)
Dr K C Mishra
Rs 1975
Rs 2500
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After I Was Raped: The Untold Lives of Five Rape S…
Urmi Bhattacheryya
Rs 351
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Public Health In Mizoram: A Study of Factors Influ…
John Zohmingthanga, Lalrochhua…
Rs 996
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