His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama: An Illustr…
Tenzin Geyche Tethong
Rs 1062
Rs 1295
18% off
Encyclopaedia of Buddhist Pantheon (2 Vols)
Mackenzy et.al.
Rs 5920
Rs 8000
26% off
Sacred Scripts: A Meditative Journey Through Tibet…
Tashi Mannox
Rs 1142
Rs 1360
16% off
Gazing Eastwards of Buddhist Monks and Revolutiona…
Romila Thapar
Rs 849
Rs 999
15% off
Buddhist Sites of North-East India & Black Slipped…
Dr Syed Jamal Hasan
Rs 1521
Rs 1950
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Quest of Buddhist Paradigms in Nepal, Tibet, Mongo…
Lokesh Chandra
Rs 2100
Rs 2500
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Tsadzin Lopon Geshe Monlam Wan…
Rs 4840
Rs 5500
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Csoma De Koros: Buddhist Transcreations in Asian L…
Edited by Radha Banerjee Sarka…
Rs 1420
Rs 1420
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Asthamahabodhisatva (Kala evam Sahitya me Aath Mah…
Radha Banerjee Translated in H…
Rs 395
Rs 395
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Atisa Sri Dipankara-Jnana and Cultural Renaissance…
Edited by Shashibala
Rs 710
Rs 710
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Evolution of Buddhist Architecture in Japan (Hardb…
A C Soper
Rs 2880
Rs 3600
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Representations of the Parinirvana Story Cycle in …
Monika Zin
Rs 5326
Rs 6495
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