Economic Crisis and Pakistan
Ashutosh Kumar
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Rs 1399
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Gambling with Violence: State Outsourcing of War i…
Yelena Biberman
Rs 1088
Rs 1295
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Hard Realities: India, Pakistan, China in an Emerg…
Dr Amarjit Singh
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Image and Reality of Changing Pakistan
Dr Rajkumar Singh
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Imagining Lahore: The City That Is, the City That …
Haroon Khalid
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In a Pure Muslim Land: Shi‘Ism Between Pakistan an…
Simon Wolfgang Fuchs
Rs 503
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Increase in Nuclear Capabilities of Pakistan: Impl…
Akhilesh Kumar
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India - Pakistan Peace Process and J&K
Dr Sudhir S Bloeria Foreword b…
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India and Pakistan: Neighbours at Odds
Avtar Bhasin
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India Pakistan and the Secret Jihad
Col B K Sinha (Retd)
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India-China-Pakistan Border Conflict: Emerging Tre…
Capt. R K Sirohi (Retd.)
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India-Pakistan Relations: International Politics
Dr Sambhaji S Patil
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