Annihilating the Demons of Sri Lanka: An Unfinishe…
Apratim Mukarji
Rs 714
Rs 850
16% off
Eleven Years in Ceylon: Comprising Sketches of the…
Major Forbes
Rs 2568
Rs 3250
21% off
Golden Tips: A Description of Ceylon and its Great…
Henry W Cave
Rs 1619
Rs 1950
17% off
India-Sri Lanka Relations
Dr Mohd. Ashraf Rather
Rs 716
Rs 895
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India-Sri Lanka Relations: International Politics
Dr Sambhaji S Patil
Rs 1158
Rs 1395
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India-Sri Lanka Relations: Is it Time for Reorient…
Edited by Samatha Mallempati
Rs 1024
Rs 1280
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Nationalism, Development and Ethnic Conflict in Sr…
Rajesh Venugopal
Rs 653
Rs 695
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Palms and Pearls: Or Scenes in Ceylon
Alan Walters
Rs 1079
Rs 1300
17% off
Pawada: A Novel
Wimaladasa Samarasinghe
Rs 261
Rs 300
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Refugee Dilemma: Sri Lanken Refugees in Tamil Nadu
V Suryanarayan
Rs 213
Rs 250
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Return to Sri Lanka: Travels in a Paradoxical Isla…
Razeen Sally
Rs 419
Rs 499
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