Intercropping System Theory and Practices
Sagar Maitra
Rs 1576
Rs 1995
21% off
Elements of Farm Power and Machinery
S K Gupta
Rs 3846
Rs 4995
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Agrochemicals Manures Fertilizers and Growth Regul…
Rajakumar G R and S V Patil
Rs 1560
Rs 1950
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Citrus Crop Production and Management in NEH Regio…
S Basanta Singh, Shravan M Hal…
Rs 2548
Rs 3225
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Ginger and Turmeric Production: Improved Technolog…
Jeetendra Kumar Soni, Vishambh…
Rs 1102
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Bane of Pesticides In India
Mukund Joshi
Rs 2396
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Floristic Diversity f Monocotoledons
Om Prakash Sharma
Rs 2000
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A Hand Book Of Floristic Diversity of Angiosperms …
Om Prakash Sharma
Rs 2000
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Banana and Plantain Cultivation Diseases and their…
Alka Kushwaha and Harshita Ver…
Rs 1920
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Apricot, Peach/Nectarine: Cultivation, Diseases an…
Muneeshwar Sharma
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Green Technologies for Sustainable Development
Prof (Dr) Narendra Sharma, Dr …
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Diseases of Field and Horticulture Crops and Their…
Bhagyashree Khamari and Rakesh…
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