Climate Agriculture and Man Shrinking Biodiversity…
V K Sehgal
Rs 1025
Rs 1250
18% off
Biomanagement of Plant Diseases
P C Trivedi
Rs 1200
Rs 1500
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Biodiversity Appraisal, Monitoring and Utilization
Dr Asha Gupta
Rs 1580
Rs 2000
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Biodiversity and Conservation
Edited by Dr Vishwas Balasaheb…
Rs 786
Rs 995
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Sustainable Development of Natural Resources
Edited by K Kumaraswamy, K Bal…
Rs 3840
Rs 4800
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Social Capital and Biodiversity: Communities, Conn…
Aditya Keshari Mishra Foreword…
Rs 902
Rs 1100
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Groundwater: Hydrogeochemical Investigations Using…
S. Chidambaram
Rs 2133
Rs 2700
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Utilization of Agricultural Waste for the Producti…
Renu Agrawal
Rs 2160
Rs 2700
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Drying Technologies For Foods: Fundamentals And Ap…
Prabhat K Nema, Barjinder Pal …
Rs 3040
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Molecular Marker Systems in Plant Breeding and Cro…
Edited by Horst Lorz and Gerha…
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Sustainable Agriculture for Food Security
Edited by Dr Ashok Kumar Yadav…
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Bio-Cultural Diversity Emerging Issues, Challenges…
Edited by Professor V. Narayan…
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