Floriculture: Fundamentals and Practices
Alex Laurie and Victor H Ries
Rs 1386
Rs 1800
23% off
Plant Hormones: Action and Application
R Ranjan, S S Purohit and V Pr…
Rs 772
Rs 990
22% off
Flora of Eastern Ghats Volume 6 Hydrocharitaceae-C…
T Pullaiah and S Karuppusamy
Rs 2075
Rs 2695
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Sedges of Goa
R T Patil and V P Prasad
Rs 2828
Rs 3250
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Allelopathy in Soil Sickness
S S Narwal
Rs 1936
Rs 2450
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Pollination Biology
Edited by A J Solomon Raju
Rs 2366
Rs 2995
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Taxonomy of Angiosperms
S N Pandey and S P Misra
Rs 1596
Rs 1995
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Floristic Diversity in India (With Special Referen…
Anita Kumari
Rs 494
Rs 595
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Manual on Collection Preservation and Identificati…
Kailash Chandra, Anjum N Rizvi…
Rs 2000
Rs 2000
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The Fauna of India and the Adjacent Countries: Aca…
Asoka Kanti Sanyal
Rs 0
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Flora of Eastern Ghats Volume 5 Nyctaginaceae - Ce…
T Pullaoaj. S Sandhya Rani and…
Rs 2761
Rs 3495
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A Field Guide to Flowering Plants of the Mekal Hil…
Shivaji Chaudhry, Naveen Kumar…
Rs 3674
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