Cultivation of Minor Fruits: Practices and Princip…
Indra Kumar Kushwaha
Rs 1840
Rs 2300
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Fruit Growing in Arid Region
Wendell Paddock and Orville B …
Rs 2366
Rs 2995
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Insect Pests of Temperate Fruit Crops and their Ma…
Asma Sherwani and Malik Mukhta…
Rs 1196
Rs 1495
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Guava: Psidium Guajava L.
Sohnika Rani, Akash Sharma and…
Rs 796
Rs 995
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Fruit Breeding
Z. Abraham
Rs 1400
Rs 1795
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Mango Cultivation in Different Countries
Dr A K Sinha
Rs 1541
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Underutilized Fruit Crops: Importance & Cultivatio…
S N Ghosh, Akath Singh and Ani…
Rs 10656
Rs 12995
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Minor Fruits: Nutraceutical Importance & Cultivati…
S N Ghosh
Rs 8196
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Phal evam Bagani Fasle (Fruits and Plantation Crop…
Prof. Jai Shankar Mishr
Rs 688
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Pomegranate for Nutrition, Livelihood Security and…
R K Pal and N V Singh
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Agribusiness and Value Chain Management of Fruits
Dr Shwetha M K and Dr Balachan…
Rs 846
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Systematic Pomology (2 Volumes)
Om Prakash Pareek and Suneel S…
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