Landslide Research: The DST’S Initiatives
Edited by S M Ramasamy and Bh…
Rs 3156
Rs 3995
21% off
Law Relating to Disaster Management
Dr Priya R Futane
Rs 1011
Rs 1280
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Living with Disasters: Communities and Development…
Amites Mukhopadhyay
Rs 0
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Management of Flood, Tropical Cyclones, Storms, Hu…
Dr Kadambari Sharma and Dr Tan…
Rs 972
Rs 1200
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Micropaleontology and its Applications
Edited by Pradeep K Kathal, Ra…
Rs 2964
Rs 3800
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Mineral Policy Mining Law and Development (2nd Edi…
Pradeep Kumar Jain
Rs 1836
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Natural Calamities and Disaster Management
Edited by Dr Vichitra Kumar Sh…
Rs 620
Rs 795
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Natural Disaster and Women: A Gendered Perspective
Edited by Pradeep Kumar Parida
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Natural Hazards Management in Asia Hardback
Indrajit Pal and Tuhin Ghosh
Rs 1063
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NGOs in Disaster Management
Rajesh Kumar
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Numerical Weather Prediction
D. Venkata Bhaskar Rao
Rs 1114
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Optimal Utilization of Godavari Waters: National &…
Sriram Vedire
Rs 900
Rs 1000
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