Fundamentals of Mining Geology
Ravindra Singh
Rs 1896
Rs 2495
24% off
Fundamentals of Soil Science (Hardback)
P Saravana Pandian and R Indir…
Rs 2156
Rs 2695
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Geo-Informatics for Combating and Degradation
T S Chouhan
Rs 1960
Rs 2450
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Geochemistry and Environmental Geology
Umesh Kumar
Rs 1560
Rs 1950
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Geological Surveys by Ships in the Indian Ocean
Prem Chandra Shrivastava
Rs 591
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Geology and Man
Dr Pramod Chandra Sahu and Dr …
Rs 636
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Geology and Mineral Resources of Chhattisgarh
H M Ramachandra and Avisekh Gh…
Rs 1400
Rs 1400
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Geology and Mineral Resources of Goa
Ashoka G Dessai
Rs 1554
Rs 1895
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Geology and Mineral Resources of Tamil Nadu and Pu…
N P Nathan and K Gopalakrishna…
Rs 900
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Geology of Himachal Pradesh
S V Srikantia and O N Bhargava
Rs 1000
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Geology of Odisha
J K Nanda, M Mohanty and S N M…
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Rs 950
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Geology of the San Diego Metropolitan Area, Califo…
Michael P. Kennedy
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