Geomorphological Surveillance of the Totko-Jamuna …
Dr Satyapriya Mahato
Rs 680
Rs 800
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Sam F Johson
Rs 1596
Rs 1995
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Geomorphology of North East India: With Special Re…
Ranjan Saikia
Rs 850
Rs 850
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Geospatial Technology: Applications in Natural Res…
Edited by Nutan Tyagi and Nare…
Rs 1264
Rs 1600
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Glacier Lake Inventory of Uttarakhand
R Bhambri, M Mehta, D P Dobhal…
Rs 1000
Rs 1000
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Glaciology Handbook (Indian Institute of Glaciolog…
Brig. Dr Ramesh Chandra Pathak…
Rs 1276
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Global Positioning and Remote Sensing
Dr Sanjay Kumar
Rs 1848
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Gold Mining in India: The Way Forward (S P 11)
V N Vasudev, H M Ramachandra a…
Rs 2000
Rs 2000
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GPR Techniques in Lake Study (Hardback)
Dr Sinam Reema Chanu
Rs 697
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Ground Water: Investigations and Management
Dr Pramod Chandra Sahu
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Historical Geology of India
S K Shah
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Hydrogeology of Hard Rock Terrain: A Geospatial Ap…
Dr Debabrata Nandi, Dr Pramod …
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