An Imperial Crisis in British India: The Manipur U…
Caroline Keen
Rs 764
Rs 899
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Banned: Controversial Literature and Political Con…
N Gerald Barrier
Rs 1062
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Scholar, Sufi and Politician: Maulana Jamal Mian o…
Francis Robinson
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Gandhi: Across the Boundaries (Hardback)
Edited by Devendra Kumar
Rs 577
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When Two Streams Met: Lessons from India's Freedom…
Bharat Dogra, Reshma Bharti, J…
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Descriptive List of Mutiny Papers in the National …
Edited by Muzaffar-E Islam
Rs 1655
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Azadi: Freedom Fascism Fiction (Hardback)
Arundhati Roy
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Defying Death: Struggles Against Imperialism and F…
Maya Gupta and Amit Kumar Gupt…
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