Trade and Industries of Assam during the Ahom Reig…
Dr Meghali Bora and lProf Naya…
Rs 1383
Rs 1750
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Medieval India: Studies in Polity, Economy and Soc…
Zakir Husain
Rs 1260
Rs 1595
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Art and Craft Workshops under the Mughals: A Study…
Sumbul Halim Khan
Rs 431
Rs 495
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(Dis)connected Empires: Imperial Portugal, Sri Lan…
Zoltán Biedermann
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Lord of the Royal Umbrella (The Epic Story of Shiv…
Gautam Pradhan
Rs 359
Rs 399
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Issues and Problems of History
Edited by S N R Rizvi and A K …
Rs 2808
Rs 3600
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Panipat: An Account of the Last Battle of Panipat …
Casi Raja Pundit
Rs 250
Rs 250
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Plassey: The Battle that changed the course of Ind…
Sudeep Chakravarti
Rs 663
Rs 799
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Tamil History: The Spread of the Publishing Indust…
S Jeyaseela Stephen
Rs 1030
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Secrets of Amber: Come Walk With Me in My Beloved …
Dr Rashmi Dickinson
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A History of Assam
Sir Edward Gait
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State and Peasant Society in Medieval North India:…
Suraj Bhan Bhardwaj
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