Sultan Raziya Her Life and Times: A Reappraisal
Jamila Brijbhushan
Rs 421
Rs 495
15% off
Maritime Trade of the Malabar Coast and the Portug…
K. S. Mathew
Rs 1228
Rs 1595
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Contestations and Accommodations: Mewat and Meos i…
Suraj Bhan Bhardwaj
Rs 706
Rs 850
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Migrations in Medieval and Early Colonial India
Edited by Vijaya Ramaswamy
Rs 826
Rs 995
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Dara Shukuh : Captive Visionary of His Times
Rakesh Gupta
Rs 593
Rs 790
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Mughalkaleen Bharat (India during Mughal Period) (…
Dr Pradeep Kumar Singh
Rs 521
Rs 695
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Veer Shivaji Mahakavya (Hindi)
Acharya Dr Rameshwar Prasad Gu…
Rs 408
Rs 480
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Composite Culture under the Sultanate of Delhi (Re…
Iqtidar Husain Siddiqui
Rs 796
Rs 995
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Administration Under Akbar and Mughal's Military S…
Asha Khatri
Rs 527
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A Short History of Muslim Rule in India
Ishwari Prasad
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The Great Mughals and their India Hardcover
Dirk Collier
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Trade and State Craft in Medieval Andhra: A Reappr…
T Dayakar Rao
Rs 1463
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