Handbook of Milk and Dairy Product
Getachew Osei
Rs 1244
Rs 1595
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High End Hotel Guest Room Designs Aligning Luxury …
Tracy Falk
Rs 1322
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Hotel Licensing: Guidelines for Hotel Industry
Dr Saurabh Mishra
Rs 1200
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Hotel Restaurant and Resort Management (Hardback)
Percy K Singh
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Household Equipments For Homemakers
Neerja Jaiswal, Sarjoo Patel a…
Rs 1200
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Housekeeping Management: In Hotel and Service Indu…
Dr Pralay Ganguly
Rs 441
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Hyderabadi Khasa Simple, easy recipes from Mrs Kha…
Parveen Khan
Rs 4000
Rs 4000
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Incredible Taste of Indian vegetarian Cuisine
Uma Aggarwal
Rs 510
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India: The World Vegetarian (Hardback)
Roopa Gulati
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Indian Food Composition Tables
T Longvah, R Ananthan, K Bhask…
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Indian Food Heritage: History, Evolution, Influenc…
Dr A K Singh, Dr J K Mangaraj,…
Rs 968
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