NGOs and Protection of Human Rights
Rajni Malhotra Dhingra
Rs 1164
Rs 1595
27% off
NHRC: An Institution for Human Rights and Educatio…
Dr Shatrughan Bhardwaj
Rs 220
Rs 220
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Perspectives on Human Rights
Edited by Abdulrahim P. Vijapu…
Rs 675
Rs 750
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Principles and Practice of Human Rights [For U.G.H…
Prof Diptimanjari Meher, Dr Kr…
Rs 936
Rs 1200
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Private Regulation and Workers' Rights in India
Archana Prasad
Rs 836
Rs 995
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Protection of Child Rights in India: An Uncertain …
Edited by Ranjeeta Mukherjee a…
Rs 760
Rs 950
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Protection of Human Rights through Non Governmenta…
Amit Singh, Vivek Kumar gupta …
Rs 1388
Rs 1850
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Realizing Children's Rights: An Overview of Educat…
Dr Akbarul Hassan Faizee
Rs 796
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Reflections on Child Rights and Child Protection
Dr M R S Murthy, Dr K Syamala …
Rs 743
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Right to Life and Personal Liberty Hardcover
Dr Shilpa Jain
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Rights: A Socio-Legal Perspective
Dr Priyamvada Mishra
Rs 723
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Shaheen Bagh and the Idea of India: Writings on a …
Edited by Seema Mustafa
Rs 396
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