Education for Values and Human Rights
Nilesh Kumar Singh
Rs 720
Rs 900
20% off
Emancipations of Tribes and Human Rights in India
edited by Ruchi Ramesh and Sud…
Rs 716
Rs 795
10% off
Emergency Excesses: A Daylight Robbery of Human Ri…
Janak Raj Jai
Rs 1260
Rs 1595
21% off
Emerging Facets of Human Rights Awareness in Rural…
Edited by Shashi Bhushan Kumar
Rs 553
Rs 650
15% off
Euthanasia: Assisted Suicide and Human Rights Pape…
Siddhartha Fuller
Rs 270
Rs 300
10% off
Family Violence in India : Human Rights, Issues, A…
Edited by Swati Shirwadkar
Rs 932
Rs 1195
22% off
Feminism and Women's Human Rights (2 Vols-Set)
Mohini Chatterjee
Rs 1080
Rs 1200
10% off
Fighter Children in Maoist Struggle of Nepal: A Hu…
M S Ishshan
Rs 1175
Rs 1450
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Focus on Human Rights
P B Rathod
Rs 956
Rs 1195
20% off
Fundamental Rights Case: The Critics Speak!
Surendra Malik
Rs 374
Rs 425
12% off
Fundamentals of Human Rights
M R Pawar
Rs 988
Rs 1250
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Gender and Human Rights: Status of Women Workers i…
Anu Saksena
Rs 723
Rs 850
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