Gender Equality and Human Rights (National Institu…
Dr Tanmoy Rudra
Rs 1027
Rs 1300
21% off
Gender, Human Rights and Environment
Rachna Suchinmayee
Rs 356
Rs 395
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Gender, Human Rights and Environment
Edited by Dr Satish Kumar
Rs 628
Rs 795
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Gilgit - Baltistan and its Saga of Unending Human …
Alok Bansal
Rs 628
Rs 795
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Globalisation, Governance and Human Rights: South …
Edited by Anisur Rahman and Ni…
Rs 1185
Rs 1500
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Globalization and Human Rights, Social Justice and…
Prof. Andy Therborn
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Good Governance and Human Rights in Developing Nat…
Edited by Prof (Dr) Aditya Tom…
Rs 784
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Handbook of Human Rights and Tribal Studies (Hardb…
Edited by Swati Chakraborty
Rs 836
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Health and Human Rights: The Tribal situation in W…
Arpita Ghosh
Rs 938
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Health, Human Rights and Ethics
Ramesh Kumar Sangwan
Rs 638
Rs 760
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History and Law Relating to Human Rights
Rachna Sharma
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Hope in Despair: Stories of Courage in Kashmir
Sunanda Nehru Ganju
Rs 378
Rs 450
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