Manipur Myanmar Connections: An Indic Perspective …
Edited by Shukhdeba Sharma Han…
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Making of Nepal's China Policy (Hardback)
Dr Prashant Roy
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India Pakistan: The history of Unsolved Conflict (…
D C Sharma
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Indo-Nepal open Border Linkage and Challenges
Col D K Sinha (Retd)
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Conflict Resolution: Track Two Diplomacy between I…
Col D K Sinha
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Indian Foreign Policy: Security and Economic Issue…
Edited by Prof (Dr) C B Bhange
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After the Revolution (Hardback)
Edited by Partha Chatterjee
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India's Act East Policy (Hardback)
Josukutty C A
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Central Asia and India: Emerging Extended Neighbou…
Kashif Hasan Khan
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Foreign Policy of India in Southeast Asia (Hardbac…
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India-Tajikistan Relations: A Big Partnership for …
Jajneswar Sethi
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