Rising India, China, South Africa and Brazil: Chal…
Edited by Mohammad Gulrez
Rs 1228
Rs 1595
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Studies on Japan
Edited by Dr Mahendra Gaur
Rs 1712
Rs 2195
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India's World: How Prime Ministers Shaped Foreign …
Rajiv Dogra
Rs 500
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Contemporary Essays in International Relations
Dr Prosenjit Pal
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India in South Asia: Challenges and Opportunities
Edited by Dr Prosenjit Pal
Rs 464
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Nehruvian Vision of India
Dr Veenu Pant and Dr Pramila P…
Rs 707
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India and China Relations
Vikas Acharya
Rs 924
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India and the World
Dr Uma Sharma
Rs 1040
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India and the World
Dr D K Giri
Rs 766
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The Hidden History of Burma: Race, Capitalism, and…
Thant Myint-U
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India’s Foreign Policy: Surviving in a Turbulent W…
Edited by Arvind Gupta and Ani…
Rs 1189
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India in the United Nations: Interplay of Interest…
C S R Murthy
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