Trials, Tremors and Hope: Political Economy of Con…
Ram Sharan Mahat
Rs 628
Rs 795
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Central Asia: Post Cold-War Geopolitics and Geoeco…
Edited by G M Shah
Rs 1196
Rs 1495
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Strengthening Special Strategic Partnership India …
Edited by Sushila Narsimhan an…
Rs 1200
Rs 1500
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Perspectives on BRICS
Edited by Rashmi Doraiswamy
Rs 663
Rs 850
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Water Distribution Conflict: India-China & Pakista…
Dr Amitabh Bhatt
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Current Developments and Their Impact on World Pol…
Prof B L Sah
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India-Russia-China and the Emerging World Order in…
Ashutosh Kumar
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India in the New World Order: The Changing Contour…
Edited by Raj Kumar Kothari
Rs 776
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Modiplomacy: Through a Shakespearean Prism
T P Sreenivasan
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PAX SINICA: Implications for the Indian Dawn
Akhil Deo and Samir Saran
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India’s Foreign Policy Dilemma over Non-Alignment …
Sudhanshu Tripathi
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