Internal Changes in South Asia: Challenges and Opp…
Bibhuti Bhusan Biswas
Rs 1181
Rs 1495
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India: The Future of South Asia (Rise of the New P…
Edited by Karan Kharb
Rs 1004
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Indian Ocean: The New Frontier
Edited by Kousar J Azam
Rs 1383
Rs 1750
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The Costliest Pearl: China’s Struggle for India’s …
Bertil Lintner
Rs 699
Rs 699
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Geopolitics of Himalayan Region: Cultural Politica…
Edited by Alok Bansal and Aayu…
Rs 786
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India’s Pursuit of Energy Security: Domestic Measu…
Ashok Sharma
Rs 1076
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Indian Foreign Policy: An Overview
Harsh V Pant
Rs 506
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Essays on Indian Diplomatic Dilemma in Nepal
Birendra Prasad Mishra
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Pakistan: The Balochistan Conundrum
Tilak Devasher
Rs 746
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India in the United Nations General Assembly  Volu…
Suranjan Das, Sitaram Sharma a…
Rs 1959
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Post Revolutionary Iran’s State Behaviour: Towards…
Sima Baidya
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China in India
Abhijit Bhattacharyya
Rs 734
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