The Great Tech Game: Shaping Geopolitics and the D…
Anirudh Suri
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Rs 799
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Covid - 19 Kaal me Bharat-Chin sambandho ke Pariva…
Edited by Dr Abhay Shankar Sin…
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Domestic Roots of Indian Foreign Policy and Marxis…
Pratip Chattopadhyay
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Pakistan Balochistan Ki Paheli (Urdu)
Shri Tilak Devashar
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India-Nepal Relation and China's Interference
Dr Sanjay Kumar Singh
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Diaspora in Indian Foreign Policy from Active Diss…
Capt. (Retd) S L Soni
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50 Years of Indo-Soviet Friendship Treaty
Narendra Kumar
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Edited by Alok Bansal
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India's Foreign Policy in the Post-Covid World: In…
Amb. Surendra Kumar (Retd)
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Dynamics of Indo-South African Co-operation in a C…
Gopabandhu Dash
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Contested Lands: India, China and the Boundary Dis…
Maroof Raza
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