White as the Shroud: India, Pakistan and War on th…
Myra MacDonald
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International Relations: Emerging Issues (Hardback…
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Kashmir in Conflict: India, Pakistan and the Unend…
Victoria Schofield
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India in South Asia: Changing Perspectives in the …
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This Fire Never Dies: One Year With the PKK (Paper…
Fr├ęderike Geerdink
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India-Pakistan Relations: Issues and Emerging Tren…
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Fifty Years of Bangladesh-India Relations: Issues,…
Md. Shariful Islam
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SAARC: Goals and Achievements (Hardback)
Dr Shailja Asthana
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A NEW SILK ROAD: India, China and the Geopolitics …
Kingshuk Nag
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K M Seethi
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The Orders Were To Rape You: Tigresses in the Tami…
Meena Kandasamy
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