Ladakh: Land of Possessive Powers and Charm Hardbo…
Edited by M Amin Pandit
Rs 750
Rs 750
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The Trade Game: Engaging With Central Asia
Amiya Chandra
Rs 876
Rs 1095
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Ladakh Land of Possessive Powers and Charm (Second…
Edited by M Amin Pandit
Rs 896
Rs 995
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The Pamirs: Being a Narrative of a Year's expediti…
Charles Adolphus Dunmore
Rs 1756
Rs 1995
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Folk Medicine of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh
Dr Mohd. Akbar
Rs 1250
Rs 1250
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Women and Development in India: Reflections from L…
Edited by Kavita Suri
Rs 826
Rs 995
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Education and Society in Ladakh: A Study of the Dr…
Rudrani Dasgupta
Rs 153
Rs 180
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Strategic Ladakh: A Historical Narrative 1951-53 a…
Rajendra Nath
Rs 652
Rs 795
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Rising Powers and Peacebuilding: India's Role in A…
Shakti Sinha
Rs 176
Rs 195
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Insights and Commentaries South and Central Asia
Edited by Anita Sengupta and M…
Rs 784
Rs 980
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Chinese Strategies on Central Asia: The New Great …
Edited by Charles Hawkins and …
Rs 556
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The Political Future of Afghanistan: Issues and Pe…
Edited by Arpita Basu Ray and …
Rs 739
Rs 880
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