State of India's Environment 2018
Rs 298
Rs 350
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Wetlands of Upper Brahmaputra Valley
Sultana Hazarika
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Metallic Contamination and Its Toxicity
Ashutosh Gautam and Chakresh P…
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Environment Law and Justice (Reprint Edition, firs…
M A A Baig
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Sustainable Water and Environmental Management (SW…
Edited by :M. V. S. S Giridhar
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The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the Unth…
Amitav Ghosh
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Water Resources Management for Enhancing Water Pro…
N.K. Gontia and H D Rank
Rs 1756
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Environment and Forest
M M Deka
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Wastes 2017 - Solutions, Treatments and Opportunit…
Edited by S K Bhargava
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Drought but Why: How India Can Fight the Scourge b…
Sushmita Sengupta Edited by Ri…
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Agriculture Against the Climate Odds: Perspectives…
Dr. Vir Singh, Dr. Uma Melkani…
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Environmental Management: Resource and Energy Cons…
Edited by Vir Singh, Vrinda Ne…
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