Culture and Politics of Sustainable Water Manageme…
R N Sahay
Rs 1971
Rs 2495
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Swachh Indore
P Narahari, IAS
Rs 258
Rs 300
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Economics of Water Supply: A Case Study of Water S…
K Nageswara Rao
Rs 1327
Rs 1680
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Watershed Management: Concept and Approaches
Dr Abaas Ahmad Mir and Dr Harm…
Rs 421
Rs 495
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Sanitation Law: A Necessity
Edited by Prof (Dr) Shefali Ra…
Rs 836
Rs 995
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Environmental Security and Sustainable Development
Murtaza Abid, Dr M M Abid Ali …
Rs 1502
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Experimental Techniques in Environmental Science
Dr Abhishek Swami and Dr Vikra…
Rs 711
Rs 900
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Fundamentals of Air Pollution
Prof (Dr) R K Khitoliya
Rs 1638
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Global Warming and Planet
Dr Avinash B Ade and Dr Sumia …
Rs 1232
Rs 1600
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Ecosystem and Environmental Pollution
Dr Avnish Chauhan, Dr Kamal Ch…
Rs 1540
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Forest Fire and Climate Change Challenges and Solu…
Dr Rajesh Chandra Paliwal, Ms …
Rs 1166
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Dangerous Earth: What We Wish We Knew About Volcan…
Ellen Prager
Rs 335
Rs 399
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